Karl Turner Challenges Government On Human Rights

Karl Turner, Labour MP for East Hull, today questioned the new Justice Secretary on the Government’s plan to scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act. 

You can see the question here – 

The Human Rights Act protects everyone, meaning that your rights can be defended in courts across the UK. Karl Turner and the Labour Party are committed to protecting the Human Rights Act which give us all inalienable rights such as the right to a fair trial. the right not to be discriminated against and the right to have freedom of expression. 

After the session Karl Turner said “Labour is committed to protecting the Human Rights Act and I will fight to make sure that the people of East Hull have their human rights protected. 

“The Human Rights Act has meant that people have the protections in place so that they can go about their lives freely. The Labour Party will not allow this piece of legislation to be scrapped and replaced with a watered down British Bill of Rights that only serves to appease the rabid right wing of the Tory Party”.

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06, Sep, 2016