Karl Turner Launches 'Our Community' Initiative

The MP for East Hull, Karl Turner, will launch the ‘Our Community’ initiative in the Legend’s Lounge at Hull KR today.

The scheme is a workplace initiative aimed at helping young unemployed people gain valuable experience and skills that will aid them in securing employment. Our Community is a pre-employment initiative aimed at supporting young unemployed people into work.

Communitas and Community have developed the programme and with the support of local MPs, Communitas will roll out a number of pre-employment campaigns across the UK commencing early 2015.

The scheme involves:

• Identifying young people for the programme
• Providing them with personal development and employment skills (and a qualification)
• Linking them with an employer for 2 – 8 weeks where they undertake work experience (16 – 30 hours)
• Updating their CV with skills and experience and supporting them with job search
• During their time on the programme they are paid full benefits and expenses

Speaking at the event, Karl Turner said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to get valuable skills and experience which will aid them in getting a job in the long term. Local East Hull businesses have been fantastic in expressing their support for this scheme. The event on Friday at Hull KR will allow local businesses to gain an insight into the scheme and will put young people in touch with business owners.

“What this scheme shows is how Jobcentreplus, Communitas and local businesses can work with one another to come up with innovative solutions which are aimed at tackling the chronic problem of youth unemployment in East Hull and across the country in general.

“I am proud to have worked alongside all involved and hope that ‘Our Community’ can be a stepping stone into employment for many young adults.”

13, Mar, 2015