This week’s announcement regarding a Mayoral Devolution deal with Hull and East Riding, is a result of backroom coalition talks between the Conservative and Liberal Council Leaders and this out-of-touch Conservative Government, has raised concerns among residents who feel that their voice have been silenced on this issue.

After enduring 13 years of Tory rule, the people of Hull have grown disillusioned with promises that fall short of addressing the needs of local people. The unveiling of this deal without any prior consultation, without a single vote being cast in favour of a Mayoral deal in the ballot box has only fuelled frustration. Many local residents are questioning whether they want a mayor for our city and more critically, if they can bear the additional financial burden during the ongoing Tory Cost of Living Crisis.

The scepticism is not unfounded. Doing a deal with Rishi Sunak’s Government, will never be a great deal for Hull. The “benefits” of this backroom deal is pale in comparison to the millions of pounds of funding stripped from Hull since the coalition Government took office in 2010.

This city has witnessed time and time again, the promises made by the Tory Government often do not translate into real improvements for our community.

In response to this, a call for a better approach to devolution emerges—one that resonates with the principles of empowerment and community-driven decision-making.

A Labour Government would not impose a Metro Mayor on Hull and the East Riding. Instead, it would seek to empower communities, giving them the autonomy to take charge of their own destinies. This approach, grounded in the belief that local communities are best suited to make decisions that align with their unique needs, stands as a stark contrast to the top-down directives of the current administration.

As discussions around devolution continue to unfold, the people of Hull and the East Riding find themselves at a crossroads. The choice between a top-down, imposed mayor with poor consultation or a more community-driven approach under a future Labour Government.

In the face of uncertainty, the call for a devolution that truly empowers communities and puts people at the forefront becomes increasingly important. The question remains for local people: Will the residents of Hull and the East Riding have the opportunity to shape their own destinies, or will they continue to be subject to decisions made behind closed doors?

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